VLE Booming at 25th Anniversary!

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Vital Link Europe, Ltd has a proud history of accomplishment and experienced test cell personnel. Founded southwest of London in 1995, VLE is now celebrating 25 years of operations. Basil Greenwood leads the group that occupies two floors of office and test space and includes stalwarts.

Josh Skinner, James Eggleton and Liz Dare are stalwarts. An office in Dubai is home to additional personnel led by Patrick Fourcampre-Maye. Long-timer William Norman is off to Vital Link, Inc. near Houston, but is still involved in some VLE projects.

Since 2017, VLE has been an Atec, Inc. subsidiary. Beyond their traditional capabilities, VLE will now lead Project Management and Sustainment/MSA efforts for the Atec Companies in Europe, Asia and Africa. Handling their own project while providing quick nearby customer response and coordinating the 400+ engine test professionals of Atec, Vital Link, Celtech and Hager is a growth challenge that VLE is meeting. Recent formalization of a Project Management Office (PMO) has well integrated PM processes throughout, and VLE’s proven capability is headlining the supervision of our international projects.

As our systems gain (electronic) complexity, more customers want continuing support for their facilities and test systems. Manning contracts and MSAs are sought by a quickly growing list of customers. Full Sustainment is offered through VLE: maintenance, technology upgrades, total refurbishment, inspections, sourcing, manning, training, manuals, spares management, remote video/phone support and more.“This is a time of incredible growth for all of us at VLE with the resources and opportunities of the Atec family of companies. Come see us when in London, attending Farnborough, or in Dubai. We want to be your test cell company,” proclaimed Bas Greenwood, VLE Director of Operations.

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