V LE can contract to build or improve your test cell. Construction and installation are major aspects of our business. VLE has impressive Project Management personnel with the experience to handle any test cell project. We have recently constructed new facilities for Piaggio and Heli One, and we are underway with a T700 facility in the Gulf Region. Our new facility pedigree extends over 20 years of field projects. Our expanded team has unsurpassed capability for equipment and system refurbishments, as well as technology refreshments. Additional locations in UAE, Turkey, Norway and Singapore have expanded our worldwide reach. New equipment and test cell modifications blend well to our sustainment emphasis. Our unique access to modern proven equipment, especially from Vital Link, Celtech, NETS and Atec are a huge advantage for our clients. No organization offers more proven standard configuration, engine testing systems products for your test cells. We are now involved in 2 leading edge DAS projects in Europe. Our use of COTS items in our projects is highly respected. VLE customers find future sourcing for our installations to be easily navigated. Technology Refreshment allows older systems to continue in service upon refurb and insertion of new technology controls, sensors, etc. This saves huge costs in re-procurement training and spares. Consult us about extending the life and efficiency of your legacy systems.