Vital Link Europe has an extensive background designing, modifying and servicing test cells & equipment for aero engines. We can handle large turbofan test cells down to smaller APU test cells for both military and commercial applications. With over 125 engineers across our Atec companies, we can oversee, conduct and support your project.

VLE has been maintaining, calibrating and supporting the F110 Test Cell at Al Dhafra AFB in Abu Dhabi for ten years.  We provided and now sustain the data acquisition and control, fuel, air, oil, CCTV, intercom and facility control systems for the test cell. VLE also has a 4-year sustainment contract to modify and upgrade the UK Rolls-Royce Adour engine test facility for the RAF. In addition to supporting Piaggio Aerospace’s numerous test cells, VLE designed a test cell to support testing of the Rolls-Royce Viper engine. Recent multi-bay test cell and DAS work at Heli One for Makila and other helicopter engines in Norway deepens our turboshaft experience. VLE is now completing a T700 cell in the Gulf Region and DAS/PLC systems for advanced thrust engine cells at multiple locations worldwide.

VLE has a long history in test cell construction, noise suppression and field service. VLI is the USAF’s IDIQ contractor for Hush House repairs, refurbishment and relocation services.  Atec is USAF’s IDIQ contractor for test cell systems and stands, and Celtech is the engines test equipment successor to Space Corp. and Page Avjet from the 1940s through the 1990s and has more intermediate test systems at Allied locations than any other supplier. Recently, the Astronics Engine Test Systems line, now known as Naval Engine Test Systems (NETS),  has been added to the Atec family. JETI, SETI, TPTI and NGEN are also now available for Navy, Marine and allied users. As an Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) of Hush Houses and Engine Test Systems, Vital Link and the other Atec companies have continuously worked to develop product improvements and implement various hardware changes to address product deficiencies and obsolescence to support the USAF, USN and Allies worldwide. VLE’s European and Middle East presence allows us be very responsive to support our customers located in Europe, Asia and Africa.

No other entity can match the military engine test data library and know how of our companies. Vital Link Europe can provide the engineering, field service and sustainment capabilities to deliver full test cell support.