VLE can have an experienced test cell SME onsite to review your engine test and support issues within 24 hours when situations dictate immediate response in European, Asian and African locations. In addition, VLE can assist with Project Management, Local Construction companies, Onsite Staffing and Suppliers. On-site repairs can vary depending on the state of the equipment and complexity of the repair.  These require coordination with Field Services & Engineering. Customers frequently request site surveys to scope and spec a new project, or to assess asset or process status in conjunction with a repair. Please contact VLE personnel for the initialization of a field repair, or get urgent assistance via our 24/7 hotline 1-877-514-2218.  Now as part of the Atec companies, the resources of Vital Link, Celtech, NETS (formerly Astronics Engine Test Systems) and Atec are available to VLE customers.

Inspections & Site Surveys

Vital Link Europe has experienced technicians, engineers and FSRs who can respond quickly to a site service call from troubleshooting to executing  service repairs, VLE’s field personnel are ready to inspect your equipment to determine the issues.

  • Visual inspection of all systems to ensure correct materials and components have been provided and properly installed
  • For repair and refurbishment efforts, detailed checking to ensure all elements of the Performance Work Specification have been achieved
  • Operational testing of all mechanical and electrical systems
  • Pull test of restraints systems, deadman embedments and other adapters
  • Review of all material records, work reports, processes inspections, etc.
  • Conduct of a Foreign Object Sweep to prepare Engine Test Cell for an engine run
  • Assist customers with the installation of aircrafts, test stands and/or engines in the test cells to ensure proper fitup prior to performing an acceptance test
  • Supervise full engine runs and record measurements, such as facility cell depression and acoustic performance; facilitate correlations with engine OEMs
  • Ensure that Data Acquisition and Engine Control System, engine test schedules and engine data generated meet OEM and customer criteria
  • Following submission of collected data, findings and recommendation in report forms