Engine Test Cells Overview

V ital Link Europe has experience in designing, constructing and maintaining turbojet, turboprop, turboshaft and APU engine test cells.  We can support and supervise your projects. Our knowledgeable staff are ready to bring success to your site survey, inspection, new facility, cell upgrade, needed repairs, and sustainment program. Recent projects have included two large turboshaft cell constructions, mushrooming MSA efforts, DAS and PLC projects, a large site survey and multiple heavy fabrication inspections.

In January 2017, we joined the corporate team of Atec, Inc., a respected aeroengine test and support firm since 1953 that also includes Celtech Corp., Vital Link USA and NETS.  Our combined resources can handle any aeroengine test and maintenance project. Together, our 125 engineers are studying our test stands, enclosures, sub systems and other products for continuous improvement.